Our Story

How it started

Tech-Solutions is a dynamic and energetic company built on the solid foundation of over two decades of the professional experience of business leader Sven Siebens and his team.

As a young graduate technician in electrical, measuring and control techniques, Sven was able to go straight to work in the port of Antwerp. Cranes, hydraulic systems, motors and innovative electrical installations... they would soon hold no more secrets for him.

Sven set out on his own in 2007. In addition to the maritime sector, his extensive knowledge of all aspects of electrical engineering also found its way to residential systems and solar energy.


From that point on, things went quickly

Durable quality and expertise do not go unnoticed, especially in the world of ports, where requirements are particularly high. Ever more requests came from one of the largest world leaders in dredging and wind energy, commissions that led Sven Siebens to establish Tech-Solutions in 2012. The company, with a huge drive for new developments in electrical technology and highly attractive to the maritime sector, does not avoid a challenge.

The passion for electricity and the attraction to ships naturally coincide. The specialist techniques in this complex world constitute our very extensive expertise.

The experience and highly competent knowledge, not only that of Sven but now also of the carefully recruited and growing team at Tech-Solutions, increase confidence among customers.

“Professionalism at the highest level - that’s what we stand for.”

We have become a unique service company, necessarily very closely involved with every customer, who has the right to set high standards. Responding to this requires not only the professional and technical ability to deliver the highest possible quality but also the flexibility required to adapt to the needs of our partners, within very tight productivity schedules.

Tech-Solutions works with a specialised international team in which all share the company’s philosophy. Together we ensure permanent availability and a high level of involvement in every project.
In addition, company manager Sven Siebens is always on the site. This is how Tech-Solutions keeps in touch with every client and every project which is particularly important in demanding situations.

It is precisely then that efficient and judicious solutions are needed. Confidence at Tech-Solutions is therefore not an empty word: the more complex a task, the more important it is that the client and service provider understand each other perfectly. This is the only way we can continue to succeed in completing the commissions in high-value, first-class quality within the agreed timeframe and budget.

Today, Tech-Solutions offers leading service worldwide and high-quality energetic workmanship through competent, durable and custom solutions in the field of electrical installations for all aspects of the wind, offshore and maritime sector.