Marine & Offshore



Service is the key word for Tech-Solutions.

Service with great technical ambition and dedication to achieve the objectives of its partners, such as making complex ship installations or wind farms operational.

We strive for the highest level of execution through expertly applied assembly and connections that meet the most demanding standards. This includes working accurately in accordance with safety regulations and using certified materials, machines and tools. Also by highly detailed documentation.

By combining various specialised talents within the Tech-Solutions team, we strive for an efficient and controlled turnaround time, without compromising on first-class quality and safety. The careful composition of these expert teams makes Tech-Solutions a strong player to take on and guarantee a complete package within its partner’s project.

Tech-Solutions shall always take the extra steps needed to achieve success. As an energetic partner for whom customer-oriented service, safety and performance at the highest level are key.

You can count on Tech-Solutions!

Both onshore and offshore.



For major repair of a ship in a dry dock anywhere in the world, Tech-Solutions can deploy its specialised employees for all electro-technical work, in the broadest sense, supplemented with various mechanical operations.

We assist our partners in the complete installation and integration of energy generation and distribution systems, offering solutions with a long-term vision. We do not lose sight of the rapid development of techniques and thus bring innovative, and above all, reliable installations.

To respond to the complex areas of work in the maritime sector, Tech-Solutions is constantly thinking ahead in the development of value-added services. This includes solutions for the temporary provision of lighting and power.

As a partner in this joint venture of so-called “major repair”, Tech-Solutions naturally strives to make ships operational again within the agreed timeframe.



Tech-Solutions offers fully-integrated project solutions during mobilisation to achieve the client’s objectives so that they can focus on their core activities. Reliable partnership, transparency and first-class quality are values that you can count on with Tech-Solutions as a competent ally.

By analysing the exact needs and variations, Tech Solutions offers added value by developing complete, customised individual systems. Electro-technical systems that must withstand extreme weather conditions at sea and continue to function optimally. This is guaranteed by the use of high-performance materials, close cooperation with our suppliers and advanced craftsmanship.

Completion with the utmost precision, efficiency and safety is an absolute priority.

Tech-Solutions has become the market leader in mobilising installation vessels in the offshore wind energy sector. This is a specialisation in which the Tech-Solutions team has gained decades of experience. In the meantime, Tech-Solutions has also become very familiar with the dredging world through several permanent partnerships in this specific branch of the marine sector.

Sustainable maintenance and customer-oriented after-sales service are of paramount importance to Tech-Solutions. To provide the best possible service after the mobilisation, we offer professional offshore support by our experienced and certified technicians. Our specialised and flexible team has in the meantime acquired outstanding experience through working in all corners of the world.

Demobilisation, inventory of materials and preparing for future projects complete the circle for a long-term partnership.


Rope Access

Where there is a will, there is a way. To provide high-quality service in the most inaccessible places, Tech-Solutions has a highly skilled team with the required certifications to fulfil these commissions optimally through industrial rope access, including in an offshore environment.

This is the case with electrical works in wind farms, for example, as well as with cranes, spud poles and similar structures. The highly skilled technicians who can safely reach heights and otherwise unreachable places are a strong added value in terms of efficiency and therefore a cost saving.

The Tech-Solutions team is stimulated with up-to-date training and education. This means the team has specific certifications to provide a broad range of expertise and meet current safety standards in this complex work environment.

Through these specialisations, Tech-Solutions strives to make a valuable and flexible contribution to a complete partnership.


Electrical panel building

Electrical panels are the heart of the electrical installation and thus the starting point for all cabling to the desired lighting, power supplies and controls.

By listening carefully to its partners, Tech-Solutions responds to their wishes and requirements by creating specific custom control and distribution boards for all types of controls. From pump installations, cranes and accommodation to complete equipment on a ship’s deck.

Tech-Solutions specialises in the use of sustainable materials and the construction of electrical boards with optimum functionality worthy of application offshore. Everything is specifically selected and carefully documented, with fully outlined schedules, according to the requirements of applicable legislation and standards to meet all objectives.

Tech-Solutions assists its partners from A to Z in high-quality design, construction and installation, efficient maintenance and 24-hour after-sales service.


Electrical cabling

Tech-Solutions only selects high-performance materials of excellent quality to ensure durability. For example, the power cables can be used worldwide and are recognised internationally by 11 different quality labels.

Building on decades of experience, Tech-Solutions has also developed its own modified power cables to meet the future needs of its clients and partners. Special power cables provide energy transfer from shore to ship. They are water-resistant to a depth of 100 metres (1 bar). These recognisable green cables bear our own Tech-Solutions logo as well as the international BV label (Bureau Veritas).

During docking and mobilisations, Tech-Solutions pays close attention to safety and ease of use when implementing all the cabling by focusing on well-thought-out installation, careful labelling and references. Of course, all offshore conditions are taken into account. All cabling is also provided with recognisable warranty and inspection marks.

A well-organised structure, clear coding and cleanliness are our calling card.