Marine & Offshore



Tech-Solutions has a growing rental fleet of silenced power generators for a wide range of productivity applications.

Our generators can be deployed both onshore and offshore to keep small and large installations running flawlessly. Whether as a temporary energy supply for maintenance or shutdown, additional permanent production capacity or project-based energy on board offshore constructions. Tech-Solutions offers a suitable combination with a focus on productivity, energy efficiency and ergonomics.

We assist our partners with reliable, cost-effective rental units of various capacities up to 1,500 kVA. All models offer ease of use and proven reliability in productivity with extensive safety features, low noise levels and optimum fuel efficiency thanks to the powerful and energy-efficient diesel engines for long-lasting performance. To increase the autonomy of our machines, we can connect external fuel tanks for an extra-long service life.

All our recognisable and approved material is fully certified and meets the latest emission standards. These state-of-the-art high-performance machines, combined with skilled and specialised maintenance, enable us to guarantee maximum reliability and the best efficiency.

Due to their weathertight and corrosion-treated casing as well as the ability to operate at high and low ambient temperatures, our units are fully calibrated to provide energy at demanding offshore work locations.
The generators are also equipped with approved lifting frames and double-walled fuel tanks.

Our VCA-certified engineers select the most suitable power export installation with the necessary accessories, such as cabling and distribution boxes, in the total package.

We provide transport and the complete electrical installation at your location. Quality is all the more guaranteed by our prompt, customized service and personnel safety.

In short, Tech-Solutions assists its partners with worry-free electricity supply.



Power cables & Distribution boards

Tech-Solutions has a very extensive, high-quality and durable range of power cables and universally applicable distribution boards for power distribution towards all necessary applications for either temporary or permanent use. Both onshore and offshore.

The internationally recognised cables certified by 11 inspection bodies range in size from 220V-16A to 400V-630A. Tech-Solutions has also developed its own modified power cables that are water-resistant to a depth of 100 metres, making them ideally suited for power transfer between shore and ship.

The Tech-Solutions distribution boards are available in various formats, ranging from 16A to 400A, with different output combinations per type. Our range also has very robust main distributors that are suitable for a considerable number of distributions to meet all the specific ambitions of our partners.

Our branded distribution boards with rubber housing are extremely weatherproof, partly due to the materials used, as well as in their design with an overhanging cover and tapered housing.

Our distribution boards are also stackable and have integrated handles, lifting rings and sturdy frames for efficient relocation and transport.

First-class durable quality with endless possibilities to meet our partners’ specific objectives is an absolute must within the vision of Tech-Solutions as a valuable partner.


Lighting towers

To provide bright lighting in a location without a fixed power supply, Tech-Solutions offers mobile lighting towers with optimal light distribution over an area of up to 5,000 m².

The compact lighting towers with an internal generator are very easy to use and ideal for industrial sites, yards, as well as on a ship’s deck to ensure good visibility and safety.

Characteristic of the mobile lighting towers is the compact design with a large illumination range due to the hydraulically extendable tower with a working height of up to 8 metres, which is certified to be stable at wind speeds of up to 80 km/h.

The bright light, consisting of 4 x 350W LED lamps, is provided by 360° rotating floodlights (with a lighting coverage of 20LUX p/m² over an area of 5,000 m²), allowing the direction of light to be adjusted without repositioning. The internal generator with low fuel consumption can run independently for up to 185 hours.

Thanks to the galvanised steel casing and powder-coated paintwork, the lighting tower with an IP value of 67 is fully dust-proof and protected against water penetration, making the units extremely useful in all working conditions. In addition, the mobile lighting is fitted with extending supports for the needed stability.
The lighting towers also have extra electrical outlets to which for example electrical hand tools can be connected.

The compact design with forklift truck slots and lifting ring make the towers easy to move and efficient to transport.

Tech-Solutions is happy to assist its partners with an immediately deployable, clear and flexible lighting solution.


Air compressors

Compressed air is often used as an energy carrier. By using this compressed air, tools are driven pneumatically for all kinds of applications.
Tech-Solutions offers high-quality air compressors for operations requiring a large capacity of compressed air, such as cleaning, sandblasting applications, gouging and power tool reinforcement.

The mobile air compressors with a volume flow of 5 m³ and pressure of 7 bar are constructed in such a way that they are highly efficient in use and transport. Developed by John Deere in cooperation with Atlas Copco, the award-winning design integrates the generator, fuel tank and cooling system in a compact form, protected by a streamlined and very robust, corrosion-free casing, resistant to harsh weather elements.
Thanks to the integrated drive, no electrical connection is required, and these highly mobile air compressors can be operated independently at locations where there is no power supply. These compressors also have the great advantages of being mounted on a single axle with two wheels and the very light total weight, even with a full fuel tank, for easy movement and manoeuvrability on the site. They also act as a small type of trailer during transport, even behind a car. The strong lifting beam makes it easy to transfer the compressors, for example to a ship’s deck.

Tech-Solutions also offers air compressors with an engine output of 104 kW, producing an airflow of 11.4 m³ and maximum pressure up to 14 bar. These compressors with extraordinary performance are multi-optional. Thanks to the easy-to-operate digital system, the airflow can be adjusted with a few clicks, allowing multiple pressure and flow settings, whereby one compressor can be used for a wide range of applications.
Due to the corrosion-free casing within the robust frames, these durable compressors are easy to hoist. They therefore offer additional protection on site, making them excellent for use in the offshore sector.

These high-quality consumption installations with extended maintenance intervals and long service life increase their deployability and thus productivity. An effective addition of value that Tech-Solutions stands for.


Truck with crane

In addition to the fleet of professional service vehicles, Tech-Solutions has had a fully-equipped Volvo truck with Palfinger crane since December 2019.

This allows Tech Solutions to transport service and workshop containers for the offshore industry and all types of equipment for docking and mobilisation, as well as to deliver all its rental equipment both in Belgium and abroad.

The Volvo truck, with an additional trailer, can easily transport 20-foot containers. The accompanying Palfinger crane has a lifting capacity of 92 tonnes per metre, with a reach of 24 metres, with which we can load and unload efficiently on site.

This expands Tech-Solutions’ wide range of services to offer its partners an efficient and valuable custom service.